On a recent rainy morning in Downtown Madison, Richard and David Cullen looked out the southwest window of their boardroom office, admiring the restoration work their family company completed on the state Capitol.

The project began in 1990 and took 11 years to finish, but the century-old Capitol was restored to a like-new condition inside and out. While the name J.P. Cullen isn’t stamped in a visible spot anywhere on the grounds, the owners, other family members and employees of the Janesville-based construction firm still take pride knowing it was their effort that preserved the building for future generations.

“For all the men and women who worked on the Capitol building, being able to tell their friends, family and children that they restored such a recognizable building is something they can be proud of for the rest of their lives,” said David Cullen, CEO of the company founded in 1892 by his great-great grandfather, carpenter John Patrick Cullen.

Today, J.P. Cullen generates about $400 million in annual revenue and employs more than 500 people. Its work ranges from jobs as small as $1,000 to major multi-year projects that cost millions to complete.

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