A UW-Madison student and entrepreneur is trying to make buying and selling cups of coffee at independent shops more convenient.

Jack Pawlik, 22, who has seen what a mobile app has done for coffee behemoth Starbucks, has created his own app that allows users to purchase coffee with their smart phones — but not from just one shop. The Drip app, created by Pawlik and Avery Durant, a 20-year-old developer in Boston, allows customers to order before they arrive and accrue loyalty points collectively from the shops and redeem the points at any of the shops on the app.

The app has seven Madison shops, while an app for Lincoln, Nebraska, home to the University of Nebraska, has three coffee shops. An app for Ames, Iowa, home to Iowa State University, has two shops. Pawlik  said he’s aiming for shops in college towns, but for now is content on growing his business in the three cities in which he’s established a presence. Madison, for example, has about 50 independent coffee shop locations that are potential customers, he said. Read the full story here.