Understory, a Madison startup whose ultra-local weather sensors can tell if a hailstorm that pelted your roof or a downpour that flooded your street left damage in its wake, is heading into a year of explosive growth.

Understory generates real-time weather data for use by insurance companies, agriculture and emergency government.

Today, people in five U.S. metro areas and farmers in Argentina are getting access to the specialized weather impact reports, ranging from home-by-home wind or hail damage to the prime time to pluck crops from farm fields.

By this time next year, as many as 75 U.S. metros as well as farmers on several continents could get Understory’s detailed data.

The company also is launching a new service: Identifying areas with high pollution levels and offering recommendations to improve the air quality. The service, called Atmosphere, was announced last week at the Sustainable Innovation Forum in Poland. Read the full story here.