March 16, 2020 - Lambeau Field in Green Bay #wistechsummit

The following major companies will host 15-minute strategic meetings with selected emerging companies during the 2020 Tech Summit.
Read their corporate summaries to understand their interest in meeting with emerging companies! 
More major firms expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Interested in participating as a MAJOR FIRM?
Please reach out to Laura Kaiser for details.

At AT&T, we’re bringing it all together. We deliver advanced mobile services, next-generation TV, high-speed internet and smart solutions for people and businesses. That’s why we’re investing to be a global leader in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry. Internet of Things, connected cars, drones, mobile apps, 5G wireless, broadband, entertainment, if your business touches one of these areas, we’d like to meet with you.

Aurora Research Institute is a not-for-profit, limited liability company of Aurora Health Care. Aurora has emerged as a national destination for patient-centered bench, translational and clinical research, and Aurora Research Institute unifies the innovative research efforts throughout the health system. Aurora researchers focus on rapidly translating new discoveries from the scientist’s bench to the patient’s bedside and into the community we serve to improve options and outcomes that change not only the lives of individuals, but transform the health of populations. Our mission is helping people live well and we are looking to collaborate with companies focusing on medical devices & diagnostics, drug development, clinical trials, AI and data analytics in progressing our mission.

With 77,500 professionals, CGI is one of the world’s largest IT and business process services providers. We have over 200 offices worldwide, including an office in Madison and an onshore delivery center in Wausau. We deliver services and solutions to 7 of the top 10 global insurers, 2,000 government clients in 15 countries, 250 utility clients, 700+ manufacturing clients and 15 of the top 20 global banks. We have 175+ IP solutions, and also work with partners to make our customers successful. We are interested in collaborating with those that bring knowledge of advanced analytics, intelligent automation, blockchain, cloud native, cybersecurity, internet of things, video analytics, and other emerging technologies.

Dedicated Computing’s mission is Powering the World’s Most Important Devices®. As an original design manufacturer (ODM) of proprietary, highly engineered computing systems, Dedicated Computing serves global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the healthcare, life sciences, training & simulation and industrial markets. Dedicated Computing is seeking emerging companies with computing and application related technology, products and services to extend our capabilities within focused markets.

GE Healthcare is the $19 billion healthcare business of GE, and a leading provider of medical imaging equipment and diagnostics pharmaceuticals, clinical care solutions, and Biopharma products and solutions. With a track record of more than 100 years in the industry and more than 50,000 employees across 100 countries, we transform healthcare by delivering better outcomes for providers and patients. We are on a journey to deliver precision health and looking for ideas and partners that enable us in the areas of hardware, software, biotech, and harnessing data and analytics.



Marshfield Clinic Health System’s mission is to enrich lives to create healthy communities through accessible, affordable and compassionate health care. With this, we constantly seek opportunities that will contribute to our mission. We want to learn more about new trends and technology in the health care, biotech and security. As a large, growing organization, we also rely on opportunities to add to our strong IT practice, augment our professional services with consulting resources and support our overall efforts through the implementation of innovative products and services.

Northwestern Mutual is working to reshape the way consumers experience financial security by combining technology and a trusted advisor with best in class products. We are looking to partner with early stage technology companies solving problems in a variety of areas including financial technology, data analytics, enterprise software and digital health. Join with us as we create the distinct client experience today’s consumers are seeking out.


Promega is a Life Sciences company that addresses a variety of markets. We are most well known as a supplier of advanced research reagents and instrumentation for the academic, pharmaceutical, and biotech segments of the market. We also are a major player in the application of genomics for forensic applications (crime labs, etc.), and as a supplier to the clinical diagnostic markets where we supply clinical diagnostic manufacturers and CLIA laboratories. Our technologies are also utilized in a variety of applied markets such as food, hygiene, and water testing. We attend the Tech Summit to identify companies that may want to collaborate with Promega in commercializing advanced technologies or who have services that we can utilize. Over half of Promega’s suppliers are in Wisconsin.



Versiti is a recognized leader in blood health innovation, translating scientific knowledge into clinical diagnostics and therapies. Over our 70-year history, we have grown to become largest independent blood center in the Midwest and provide services necessary for organ & tissue donation. We operate a network of diagnostic laboratories, provide clinical trial services and improve the lives of patients with blood disorders through our world-renown Blood Research Institute. We are interested in meeting emerging healthcare companies with technology or services that may benefit our patients, donors or hospital partners.

WEA Trust knows that health care can be safer, more effective, more approachable, and more affordable.  We support partners who reduce unintended variation in care that is costly and too often harmful.  We seek partners who deploy key information to families and physicians so they choose safety and affordability, and receive timely feedback if they choose differently.  Increasingly, families cannot access care because of cost, making cost a measure of quality – it is past time that we treated it as such.  We partner with technology solutions that intuitively link those who need to know with decision-changing content.  WEA Trust has been providing health insurance to public employees since 1970, with administrative services for the health plan provided by NeuGen.

Technology and technology services have been core to WIPFLi for 40+ years.  Today, we have over 250 technology consultants and advisors who are helping our clients strategize, evaluate and implement technology solutions to enable their businesses to reach new markets, become more profitable and competitive. The accounting industry is undergoing significant change.  Artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technologies will disrupt the industry. Our interest in this event would be to meet with start-ups that might have technology ideas that can be leveraged either internally for our accounting business or externally for our clients.  This aligns directly with our Innovation Lab initiative.