Wisconsin Tech Summit


“Thank you for giving us a chance to speak to organizations that are in our target market for product deployment, or even investment. You got us both. No matter how it turns out with any one of the groups we met today, I got so much out of being in those sessions. In 2 cases, the 15 minutes was deeper and richer than many of the 2 hour meetings in which I’ve participated.The guys from Froedtert and Aurora were so committed to being in the ‘room’ and generously provided profound insights, and really thoughtful attention. So glad we applied for this.”
– Dave Brown, QiiQ Healthcare

“This was my first year being a part of the Wisconsin Tech Summit. Laura Kaiser initially reached out to me and recommended that I should apply on behalf of my company RedFox AI. All I can say is I am glad that we did and am now be an avid supporter of all future Wisconsin Tech Summit events. Although the event was supposed to take place at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Laura the and the rest of the team at the Wisconsin Technology Council did an amazing job moving the event virtually (literally at the last minute) due to the COVID-19 outbreak to ensure that emerging companies could still meet with major firms. We left our virtual meetings with A LOT of great connections and feedback that I am hoping will only allow us to push further and grow in the future. I would HIGHLY recommend submitting an application to be a part of the Wisconsin Tech Summit in 2021. You won’t be disappointed.”
Nick Myers, RedFox AI

“I’ve had the pleasure of participating in multiple Tech Summits as an emerging company. It’s a fantastic event that I highly recommend. The speed dates have opened the door to some valuable connections with the forward-thinking corporations who attend looking to connect with startups. These meetings have also been a great help for me in gathering intel on how these big companies view the innovation and competitive landscapes in my vertical.”
– Matt Younkle, Pythonic AI (serial entrepreneur)

“The Wisconsin Tech Summit was a great opportunity to network with individuals from useful companies and learn from knowledgeable speakers on important topics.  Penta Designers & Engineers gained immense value through this Wisconsin Technology Council event.  We appreciate all the time and effort it took to coordinate such an undertaking.”
– Sam Enerson, Penta Designers & Engineers

“The 2018 Tech Summit connects creative talent with organizations who may be patrons or know patrons.  WEA is grateful for the Tech Council’s encouragement of WI creation and the networking with people and organizations that can move ideas to production.  The Midwest needs to be more aggressive about nurturing our extraordinary ideas here, building out products here, and financing them here.  Specifically, new ideas for transparency to consumers and physicians around safety and cost are urgently needed in health care.   Thanks to the Tech Council for being the indispensable convener.”
–  Tim Bartholow, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, WEA Trust

“I love the efficiency of the “speed dating” format.  Fifteen minutes is enough to know whether follow-up is justified (and it often is, since we were able to “pre-qualify” the startups we met with), and not so much that it ever feels like a drag.  And because the conference attracts so many startups, it feels like we’re able to keep a pretty comprehensive view of what’s happening in the Wisconsin startup ecosystem that’s relevant to TASC.”
–  Jediah White, TASC Ventures

“The Wisconsin Tech Summit is great way to connect with innovative talent and technology.  I value the chance to discuss collaborative projects and creative approaches.  This is a can’t miss event for me each year.  It is a great way to stay in touch with our evolving biotech and high tech sectors.”
–  Laura Savatski, Technology Transfer Officer, BloodCenter of Wisconsin (a part of Versiti)

“The 2018 Wisconsin Tech Summit was a ‘not to miss’ event that attracted innovators, educators and companies for networking and stimulating discussions that will undoubtedly shape our future by designing growth opportunities fueled by technology.  Speakers enlightened the crowd and inspired imaginations.  I already look forward to next year’s summit!”
– Phyllis King, Vice Provost, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

“The Tech Summit provided an opportunity to meet with potential partners and customers that we could not meet on our own. As an emerging company, it is difficult to reach the appropriate people in large corporations that could be interested in your technology or have the ability to partner with you.  Thank you for providing this opportunity. We look forward to attending again next year.”
–  Randy Nagy, President, Fast Forward Forensics

“I was very pleased to attend the 5th Annual Wisconsin Tech Summit for Omni Resources.  There were many fascinating topics on hand.  My favorites were the “Cyber Security for 2018” and the “No nonsense B2B tips”!  The highlight for Omni was the speed dating.  It allowed us access and exposure to potential clients that we would not have gotten otherwise.  The event was wonderfully run and supported.  The food was great, and it was a valuable experience all around.”
–  Eric Evans, Vice President of Operations, Omni Resources

“Wisconsin’s veterans are an indispensable resource to our state’s economy,” said Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. “I thank the Wisconsin Technology Council for its efforts to connect veteran entrepreneurs to the angel funding networks and mentors they need to launch new businesses right here in Wisconsin.”
–   State of Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch

“The 2017 Tech Summit was excellent. The GE venue is terrific in every respect with all the amenities they make available to us.  Your team was gracious and effective in managing the day’s flow of meetings and events, a each of us on the Pixel Hangers team learned a number of valuable new things to add to our toolkits. We also forged some new connections for the future. Thanks again!”
–   Luci Klebar, Pixel Hangers

“The Wisconsin Tech Summit opened new and exciting opportunities for Functional Biosciences Inc. During the Tech Summit, we received confirmation that pursuing CLIA certification was the correct direction for us to take. The decision to continue our path to CLIA certification materialized after two pivotal meetings. We left the Tech Summit with a renewed sense of purpose and found that our participation provided us with innovative ideas to pursue and grow our company. We are excited and proud to announce that last month Functional Biosciences Inc. became CLIA certified. I would highly recommend any emerging company apply.”
–   Michael Flanagan, President, Functional Biosciences

“The Wisconsin Tech Summit is a great way to meet with and have the undivided attention of leaders at many major companies. At last year’s event, several of our meetings led to follow ups and long-term business relationships. I would strongly recommend the Tech Summit as a way to get your foot in the door at major companies that might otherwise be difficult to get meetings with, to network with other emerging businesses and like-minded entrepreneurs, and to learn more about growing a successful business.”
–   Scott Vanderbeck, President, Organic Research Corp.

“To the credit of both the other companies and the Wisconsin Technology Council, the engagements (throughout the day) were very genuine. Almost all our meetings resulted in productive connections. Suffice it to say, the speed dating format was considerably more effective than we anticipated.”
–  Josh Herritz, Data Wrangler & Tech Evangelist, MIOsoft

AuditPad Inc. participated in the 2015 Wisconsin Tech Summit and it was well worth our time. The speakers and networking were great, but the real value was in talking with major Wisconsin companies about our software solution. In doing so, we gained a unique perspective on our value and how to improve our chances of working with these large prospective customers! If you lead an emerging tech company, you definitely owe it to yourself to apply to participate in the 2016 Wisconsin Tech Summit.”
–  Clint Laskowski, Founder & CEO, AuditPad

“Our experience with the 2015 Summit was very positive as we had a chance to be introduced to four significant Wisconsin companies … We expect to conclude business contracts with two of these companies in 2016. (The) team did a great job organizing the event to make for a very productive day.”
–  Richard Eberle, Business Development Partner, ViiMed

“The Tech Summit proved to be a great way to quickly connect with both large companies and other entrepreneurs. Though short, the meetings themselves were a valuable way to gather feedback on our product and on the needs of a number of different industries. The insights gained have been used to help direct product development and to improve the explanation of our value proposition. As an emerging company, we highly recommend applying.”
– Maggie Hua, VP of Business Development, SmartUQ