When work or leisure calls for whisking away to a new city, people are increasingly choosing homesharing over big hotel chains for their lodging accommodations.

More than 1 in 10 Americans have booked a stay using an online homesharing service, according to Pew Research. Among users with incomes above $75,000, the number is nearly double at 24 percent — and quickly rising.

It’s a good place to be for Milwaukee-based Frontdesk. As more and more Americans turn to homesharing platforms to book their travel accommodations, the hospitality and real estate company is poised for rapid growth in the coming year as it focuses on corporate housing for business travelers.

Frontdesk offers securely-managed short-term stays to business and leisure travelers. The online platform taps into travelers seeking more authentic experiences by housing customers in neighborhoods outside of traditionally downtown tourist destinations.

Chief Growth Officer Jesse DePinto describes Frontdesk as a short-term leasing management company that bridges the gap between stuffy hotel rooms and impersonal corporate housing suites. Read the full story here.