Eight Wisconsin companies will join thousands of tech enthusiasts at CES this week to showcase their products during one of the largest trade shows on the planet.

Held in Las Vegas January 7-10, the annual consumer technology conference attracts more than 175,000 attendees, including the nearly 4,500 companies who set up shop on the exhibit floor.

The event is widely considered a launching pad for innovation, drawing the interest of investors, journalists, and consumers alike, who attend the conference to get a first look at what gadgets and gizmos could make the next big splash. It is also a meeting of some of the most notable minds in business, where topics at the intersection of tech — such as privacy, security, and accessibility — are discussed on a global stage.

With all of the action, Wisconsin companies are hoping to leave a mark. Here are the statewide companies exhibiting at this year’s CES show: (Click to read the full article.)