Dockless electric scooters may become a regular part of Wisconsin’s transportation landscape now that Gov. Tony Evers signed a bill legalizing the controversial vehicles throughout the state.

Gov. Evers signed a bill on Monday that allows electric scooters to operate in Wisconsin as a way to expand transportation options for residents and attract startups to the state. The bill allows e-scooters to operate on most streets, sidewalks and bike lanes, and riders are required to follow traffic rules. The scooters must also satisfy equipment requirements, such as lighting and brake requirements.

“We should be setting the floor, not the ceiling, for local governments in Wisconsin,” said Gov. Evers in a statement. “Electric scooters improve access to low-cost transportation options and can serve as a first or last-mile solution to residents and visitors in communities throughout our state. By providing clarity to a rapidly-growing industry, this bill empowers local governments to make the decisions that best fit their area.”

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