Foxconn Technology Group (Foxconn) today announced a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Design / Build firms to propose innovative design concepts for the new Foxconn Place Racine, located at the current One Main Centre in downtown Racine, Wisconsin. Foxconn Place Racine will become a co-working environment for public-private partnerships focused on promoting smart city initiatives and programs that leverage the AI 8K+5G ecosystem that Foxconn is building in Wisconsin. It will also enable talent, businesses and academia to collaborate in a technologically advanced space that reflects Wisconsin’s ongoing transformation into a vibrant global high-tech hub.

“Foxconn is requesting for proposals that blend the company’s need for smart co-working spaces, designed with the workforce of the future in mind, with our vision for Foxconn Place Racine as an incubator of smart city initiatives, driven by technological innovations at the Wisconn Valley Science and Technology Park,” said Dr. Alan Yeung, Foxconn Director of U.S. Strategic Initiatives.

Dr. Yeung added, “Located in the heart of downtown Racine, Foxconn Place Racine is in a strategic position to help drive smart city pilot programs that enhance how we live, work and play. We look forward to supporting the city of Racine in becoming a model for how smart city solutions are applied to improve home living spaces, collaborative working spaces, public safety, transportation networks, and environmental sustainability, by leveraging Foxconn’s AI 8K+5G technologies.” Read the full story here.