Gov. Tony Evers, together with six other Midwest governors, today announced the creation of the Midwestern Hydrogen Coalition, which will facilitate the development of a strong clean hydrogen economy in the Midwest. The coalition includes Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, and the states will work together to identify opportunities for advancing clean hydrogen production and use, which will expand economic opportunity, reduce harmful emissions, promote energy independence, and lower long-term energy costs. The partnership was solidified by a Memorandum of Understanding signed by governors from each state.

“We don’t have to choose between clean energy and clean air and creating good-paying jobs and a strong economy—we can do both,” said Gov. Evers. “As we work to implement our state’s first-ever Clean Energy Plan, I’m proud to join this coalition of fellow Midwestern governors working together to accelerate clean hydrogen production, foster economic development, and lower costs, while reducing emissions across Wisconsin and our entire region.”

Hydrogen is a colorless and odorless gas that can be used as a clean fuel source, releasing only water as byproduct when used in a fuel cell. When produced in a way that emits little to no greenhouse gases, the fuel is referred to as “clean hydrogen,” and it has the potential to be a key component of decarbonizing multiple sectors of Wisconsin’s economy, including transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, and other industries.

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