In his latest effort relating to the state’s workforce, Gov. Tony Evers today signed Executive Order #211 creating the Governor’s Task Force on Workforce and Artificial Intelligence. The move comes as Gov. Evers announced earlier this month he is calling a special session of the Wisconsin State Legislature to take up his comprehensive plan to address the state’s longstanding workforce challenges. This task force will gather and analyze information and produce an advisory action plan to identify the current state of generative artificial intelligence’s (AI) impact on Wisconsin’s labor market and develop informed predictions regarding its implications for the near term and future. The action plan will also identify how these workforce impacts may affect Wisconsin’s key industries, occupations, and foundational skillsets, explore initiatives to advance equity and economic opportunity in the face of these changes, and based on the impacts identified, recommend solutions related to workforce development and educational systems.

“Wisconsin is ready to pursue and advance solutions that will ensure the state can take on the workforce challenges that may come with a transformative technology like artificial intelligence and embrace a future where all Wisconsinites, including workers, employers, and job seekers, benefit from a dynamic, growing economy that increases efficiency with the adoption of new technology,” said Gov. Evers. “Establishing this task force will be critical in understanding, adapting to, and capitalizing on the transformations AI will bring, ensuring Wisconsin’s workforce and industries remain steady, stable, and robust in the face of technological advancement.”

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