The Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce announced today that Epic has joined the organization as its newest gold member.

“We are thrilled to welcome Epic to the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber as our newest gold member,” said Jason Rae, President & CEO of the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce. “Epic has long been a business leader in Wisconsin and across the globe, showing how you can put people front and center in your mission. We look forward to building a long-lasting partnership that will support their employees and customers, as well as the community at large.”

“Our goal is to make Epic a place where staff of all identities and backgrounds are not only respected and safe, but can also thrive,” said Jesse McCormick, Diversity Lead at Epic. “As a queer woman of color, I’ve been privileged to find my place in Wisconsin and at Epic, but not all Wisconsin residents have that privilege. The LGBT Chamber continues to push for a more welcoming and inclusive business community in Wisconsin, and we’re proud to be a new member. This will give us the opportunity to learn, share what we’ve learned, and grow together with other businesses toward a Wisconsin that welcomes all.”

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