One of the greatest threats to global health is antibiotic resistance, according to the World Health Organization, and some Wisconsin students have begun the fight to find new alternatives by studying and sampling soil.

An event Friday, Tiny Earth in Titletown in Green Bay, will feature presentations from 110 students who have been working over 14 weeks on solutions to antibiotic resistance by studying soil.

Those students are part of a larger worldwide initiative, Tiny Earth, to find new antibiotics to address the growing resistance. Tiny Earth is comprised of college and some high school students and teachers in 45 states across the nation and in 15 countries who are working on these solutions. Established in 2018, Tiny Earth is based out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.

“This is an authentic research experience that’s designed to mitigate this world crisis of antibiotic resistance and finding new novel antibiotics of which the world desperately needs,” said Brian Merkel, associate professor of human biology at UW-Green Bay and organizer of the event. Read the full story here.