The University of Wisconsin System will ask for a $107.5 million increase in state funding over the next two years, a sizable jump from its last funding request in 2016.

The agency’s 2019-21 budget proposal includes a $82.5 million bump for performance-based funding and $25 million for new campus-based programs aimed at things like increasing on-time graduation rates and enrollment in certain majors. The System’s request in the last budget cycle was an increase of $42.5 million.

“We think this budget is reasonable, it’s responsive, and it fills an area that the state feels it needs badly,” said UW System President Ray Cross, referring specifically to initiatives aimed at increasing faculty in STEM and health-related programs.

The state Legislature approved new performance-based measures for UW System funding earlier this year, a move some lawmakers decried as creating “haves” and “have nots” within the System. Read the full story here.