Launching a technology business out of a garage may put it in some esteemed company, but in certain areas at certain times of year—like Wisconsin in November—the founders would probably want to move their workspace inside.

For a startup that’s budget-conscious but would rather not work from a private residence, one option is leasing shared office space. Coworking, which has in recent years been on the rise nationally, also appears to be becoming more popular in the Badger State.

Tom Still, president of the Wisconsin Technology Council, says there are about 60 coworking spaces statewide. Many of them are listed at the end of an article on coworking in Wisconsin Xconomy published in 2014. The list is not exhaustive, however, and does not include co-working spaces that have sprung up more recently, such as Ward 4 (Milwaukee) and Irontek (Beloit, WI). Read the full story here.