Cellular Dynamics International, a Madison, WI-based manufacturer of human cells, recently signed a collaboration agreement with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute that’s aimed at making greater quantities of stem cells available to researchers at the institute and its affiliates.

CDI concentrates in part on developing and commercializing therapies using induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, which can be differentiated into any type of cell found in the human body. These cells in turn have a wide array of applications in regenerative medicine; for example, they could be used to make photoreceptor cells—also known as rods and cones—or even to create whole retinas.

The company said that its goal in working with the HSCI is to make iPS cells and technology more accessible to the institute’s network of researchers, who are scattered across hospitals and biomedical businesses based in the Boston area, as well as Harvard University’s various schools. Read the full story here.