The U.S. Coast Guard submitted a request for information to a government procurement website related to the purchase of electronic health records (EHR) software, Healthcare IT News reported. The Coast Guard had been installing EHR software developed by Verona-based Epic Systems before the military branch pulled out of the agreement in April 2016. A spokesperson for Epic said the company has been paid in full for the work it has done with the Coast Guard, and Epic’s website has a timeline of what it says unfolded after the two sides signed a contract in 2010. [This paragraph has been updated with information from Epic.]

In a separate article, Tom Sullivan of Healthcare IT News wrote that the Coast Guard’s health records system will need to be able to exchange data with the systems at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Defense Department. That has led to speculation that Kansas City, MO-based Cerner (NASDAQ: CERN)—a company many in the industry consider Epic’s biggest competitor, and which won a $4.3 billion contract from the Defense Department in 2015—could be the EHR vendor the Coast Guard ends up selecting. Read the full story here.