The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an in-depth report on electronic patient health records interoperability, or the ability of different hospitals and clinics to exchange patient data. Ninety-six percent of hospitals now use electronic health records, the newspaper reported, but the industry still has a long way to go. The ultimate goal envisioned in a 2010 White House report on using technology to improve healthcare is making all systems “interoperable and intercommunicating, so that a single authorized query can locate a patient’s records.” Journal Sentinel reporter Guy Boulton spoke with an executive at Verona-based Epic Systems, a leading health records software vendor, and other healthcare leaders for the report.

—Foxconn, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant that is known for producing iPhones and other mobile devices at factories in China, is considering building a plant in Wisconsin. President Donald Trump visited the Milwaukee area on Tuesday and hinted at the prospect of a large manufacturer expanding into Wisconsin and creating jobs there; the next day, the Associated Press reported that the company he was referencing was Foxconn. Read the full story here.