Catch up on news from Wisconsin’s innovation community with these recent headlines:

—A blood test developed by Madison-based Stemina Biomarker Discovery that would help determine whether children with autism disorder are able to process certain foods or vitamin supplements could become available in the next year, the Wisconsin State Journal reported. NeuroPointDX, a division of Stemina focused on diagnostics for neurological disorders, is leading a study that kicked off in late 2015 and is aimed at exposing its blood-based test across a large set of patients. So far, more than 570 children have reportedly been tested. NeuroPointDX is seeking to have a total of 1,500 children participate in the study, which is known as the Children’s Autism Metabolome Project, or CAMP. Stemina’s ultimate objective is to commercialize a test that makes it possible to diagnose children with autism disorder at earlier ages than is typical today.

Stemina plans to raise up to $25 million in outside investment to expand its 15-person team, obtain more lab space, and continue to fund the CAMP study, the newspaper reported. Read the full story here.