TAI Diagnostics, a Milwaukee-area startup developing a non-invasive test to monitor patients’ health after they’ve received heart transplants, plans to begin selling its test early next year, says CEO Frank Langley.

Launched in 2015, Wauwatosa, WI-based TAI—whose name stands for “Transplant and Immunology” and is pronounced “tie”—has raised about $13 million from investors so far, Langley says. The company is currently raising more money to augment its $8.3 million Series A funding round. If all goes as planned, the extension could bring TAI’s total outside financing to $21 million, Langley says.

The startup’s test measures levels of cell-free DNA, genetic material released by the transplant recipient’s new heart that can enter the bloodstream, to assess whether he or she is in danger of rejecting the organ. Read the full story here.