MADISON – Aberdean Consulting LLC was named one of the top three “Local IT Consulting Firms” in the December 2009 issue of IN Business Magazine. It marked the second year in a row Aberdean was selected as a top three local IT services firm.

“We were very grateful last year to make the list, and for us to be there two years in a row makes us extremely proud,” said Jim Blair, managing partner at Aberdean Consulting, located at 595 Science Drive in Madison’s University Research Park. Aberdean is the IT consultant to the Wisconsin Technology Council.

“With this consecutive appearance on the list, it continues to raise the bar for how we perform as a company,” Blair said. “We believe our approach to providing IT service resonates well with small business owners and we are continuing to develop new ways to provide even better service to our clients.”

Aberdean ( was ranked No. 2 in the survey. The only company finishing ahead of Aberdean in the magazine survey this year was different than last year’s top-ranked company. Blair noted the top-ranked company for 2009 offers services that complement Aberdean’s core offerings as opposed to competing with them directly. Aberdean is the only firm on the list which targets companies with 100 or fewer employees as their primary market.

Aberdean Consulting LLC was established in 2003 and recently celebrated the sixth year in business. The company recently added an experienced client account manager, Robert Howell.

“Robert is someone I have had the pleasure of working with in the past and we are grateful he elected to join us, as his experience will enhance the services and care we provide our clients,” Blair added.