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You probably already know that Wisconsin is a leading dairy state, a brewing industry icon, a Northwoods recreation destination, a summer golfing haven and, yes, the home of the Green Bay Packers.

But how much do you know about Wisconsin’s world-class technology economy?

Please allow us to tell you more through the pages of Wisconsin Edge!

Wisconsin’s tech-based economy includes some of the nation’s premier research universities, a thriving early stage investment community and companies that range from among the largest in the world to those that stand to become tomorrow’s household names.

Sectors of excellence in Wisconsin include drug discovery, diagnostics, genomics, regenerative medicine, information technology and software, advanced manufacturing, medical devices and electro-medical equipment, nanotechnology and more. Companies such as GE Healthcare, Epic Systems, Logistics Health, Promega, Rockwell Automation and Johnson Controls all call Wisconsin home – as do hundreds of emerging tech-based firms.

The University of Wisconsin in Madison is the nation’s second-largest research university in terms of annual investments in R&D, with centers of excellence in biotechnology, computer sciences, engineering, medicine and much more. The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation is the nation’s oldest academic technology transfer organization.

Wisconsin’s investor tax credits law has helped to quadruple early stage investments in state companies since 2005, and served as a platform for co-investing deals that have involved investors from many other states.

Please read on to learn more about Wisconsin’s competitive edge and how it can work for you!


Tom Still,
president Wisconsin Technology Council

Need for improved rural broadband coverage examined in Tech Council report

Widespread access to high-speed broadband coverage is necessary for the overall health and prosperity of much of rural Wisconsin, a report issued Monday by the Wisconsin Technology Council has concluded. “Connecting rural Wisconsin: The economic necessity of broadband” urges continued federal, state and private-sector efforts to make broadband coverage more pervasive in rural Wisconsin. Download the report (pdf)

Rebuilding the economy through regional innovation

As the U.S. economy continues to struggle and recover from a deep and prolonged recession, the need for effective and well-proven economic development strategies has never been more apparent. Six examples of “best practices” in the Upper Midwest — including the Wisconsin Technology Council — were cited in a recent report. Download the report (pdf)

Educating a Tech-Savvy Workforce

The economic security of the United States is threatened by our failure to harness the brainpower necessary to remain competitive in today’s world. That threat is as tangible in Wisconsin as it is in any state. In April 2009, the Wisconsin Technology Council issued a report on how to improve Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education in Wisconsin. Download the report (PDF)

An overview of Wisconsin’s economic development resources

Click here to see a slide presentation that gives an overview of Wisconsin’s economic development resources, from its educational institutions to its regional groups.

Knowledge and Technology in the Wisconsin Economy: Shaping the New Wisconsin Economy

Wisconsin is improving its standing among the 50 states when it comes to producing patents, creating high-tech jobs and investing in research and development, according to a report released by the Wisconsin Technology Council. “Knowledge and Technology in the Wisconsin Economy: Shaping the New Wisconsin Economy” is a follow-up to the Tech Council’s 2002 report, “Vision 2020: A Model Wisconsin Economy.” It was produced by NorthStar Economics, a Madison firm led by Dr. David J. Ward. Download the report (PDF)

Human Capital and Brain Power in the Wisconsin Economy: Shaping the New Wisconsin Economy

In 2002, the Wisconsin Technology Council first published Vision 2020: A Model Wisconsin Economy.  Vision 2020 lays out a vision for retooling the Wisconsin economy to make the state competitive in a rapidly changing global economy. A section of the report entitled “The Road to Prosperity” provides an overview of the key factors that will drive the economic future of the state.  Those factors include human capital/brain power, investment capital, knowledge and technology, and business entrepreneurship and networks. In this report, we review the critical factors and benchmarks related to human capital/brain power.  Download the report (PDF)

MGE High-Tech Directory

The Madison area offers key resources to help high-tech companies grow — from expert university researchers and technology transfer capabilities to a stable economy and talented labor pool. In 2010, about 600 high-tech companies contributed $6.5 billion in revenue and/or government awards and provided more than 31,000 jobs in the Madison area. Learn more.

Fast facts on Wisconsin’s alternative energy economy

Learn more about Wisconsin’s Alternative Energies from a June 2007 speech by Wisconsin Technology Council president Tom Still to an alternative fuels conference in Visalia, Calif. Download PDF

The Future of Research in Wisconsin 

ore abo Wisconsin should focus on legislation that encourages high-tech research and start-ups, and should not create restrictions on research that place the state at a competitive disadvantage. Download the full list of recommendations.

Click here to access the Wisconsin Tech Summit 2020 Program: TS20 Program
Click here to access the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference 2020 Program: EC20 Program

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