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Wisconsin PortfolioWisconsin Technology Council publications are aimed at helping the public, policymakers, potential investors and entrepreneurs know more about the opportunities and resources in Wisconsin.

These publications have included policy statements, such as “Vision 2020: A Model Wisconsin Economy,” first published in 2002, and “The Economic Value of Academic Research and Development in Wisconsin,” published in 2004. Other publications have included a summary on “Life Sciences in Wisconsin,” conference programs and white papers. Please read on to discover more about Wisconsin’s high-growth, high-tech economy.


Taking the Pulse

Examining Wisconsin’s long-term record of providing some of the nation’s highest-quality health care.

White Paper Reports

Members of the Wisconsin Technology Council have offered a roadmap for tech development in “Vision 2020: A Model Wisconsin Economy.” The “white papers” in this section build upon that vision.

Academic R&D Report

In an age when innovation is king and “knowledge-based” solutions are being pursued for Wisconsin’s economic growth, it is essential that support for research and development conducted through various Wisconsin research institutions remain high.

Venture Capital Report

Building companies & jobs: The case for a venture capital program

Vision 2020

To build a 21st century economy, Wisconsin must make the most of its people, resources and opportunities, and meet the challenges posed by the rise of the Knowledge Economy. To address these challenges, the “Tech Council” has developed a detailed set of recommendations that make up Vision 2020: A Model Wisconsin Economy.

Wisconsin Portfolio

The Wisconsin Portfolio is designed to inform investors about exciting developments in our state’s risk capital economy.

IQ Corridor

Strategically located between Chicago and the Twin Cities and traversed by Interstates 90 and 94 lies Wisconsin, one of the nation’s fastest growing technology states in its own right.

The Tech Council Current

The Tech Council Current is a periodical of news, events and programs that focuses on the needs and challenges faced by new and growing technology-based businesses in Wisconsin.

Technology Timeline

As you read this timeline, you will come across many familiar names from the fields of science, agriculture and manufacturing — from Babcock to Temin, from Kohler to Thomson, and from Evinrude to DeLuca. These pioneers help tell the story of Wisconsin through their enduring legacies.

Publication Archives

Learn more about Wisconsin’s Alternative Energies, Knowledge and Technology in the Wisconsin Economy, Human Capital and Brain Power in the Wisconsin Economy and the MGE High-Tech Directory.

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