Eligible Wisconsin customers can now enroll in the Alliant Energy® Smart Hours program to save on energy bills and earn rewards. This new program helps customers with a smart thermostat lower their energy usage when demand spikes, and rewards participants with seasonal benefits for participating.

“Smart thermostats give customers more control over their energy use and make it easier than ever to reduce their energy bills,” said Kari Gehrke, manager of demand-side management at Alliant Energy. “Our Smart Hours program allows customers to personalize their temperature preferences and increase the flexibility of their heating and cooling systems. In addition to the energy savings, customers earn rewards just for signing up.”

By enrolling in Alliant Energy’s Smart Hours program, participants allow Alliant Energy to adjust their smart thermostat a few degrees – based on the customers’ preferred comfort levels – during occasional periods of extreme temperatures. While customers can always control their thermostats, Alliant Energy finds the best times to shift some energy use to periods when energy demand is lower. By cooling or heating the home at different times of the day, customers stay comfortable and reduce the overall energy demand.

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