Last week Jeff EbelJay Wittman and Leon Ostrowski spent two days in Madison with the Wisconsin Technology Council at their Early Stage Symposium. It is the first one they have had in-person since the pandemic and it was great to get back into the swing of networking with entrepreneurs, fellow angel investors, influencers and movers in Wisconsin’s technology and private equity space.

The Wisconsin Technology Council is truly indispensable to the success of the Wisconsin River Business Angels. Our relationship with them benefits our work in too many ways to count, keeping us in touch with important people involved in every aspect of the angel investment equation, and constantly introducing us to new ones.

They sat down with Angel Impact co-host Aaron Marx to talk about this year’s experience at the Early Stage Symposium and help our audience understand how it helps us to be the leaders we want to be in Wisconsin’s entrepreneurial and technology ecosystem, improving life for everyone in the state.

Pay special attention to the segment toward the middle discussing the Young Enterprising Society, a new organization focusing on lifting young people out of poverty through entrepreneurship. The trio were impressed by their passion, energy, and vision, and we’ll be watching them closely.