MADISON, WI (September 3, 2013) – AquaMost, Inc. officially unveiled its new SX PECO Reactor, enabling chemical-free water treatment. The system has already been deployed at multiple sites in Texas, Colorado and Utah and was well received by operators and service providers. 

The SX reactor brings all of the benefits of the AquaMost’s water treatment system:  

  • Chemical-free kill of multiple bacteria types
  • Treatment for as low as $0.10 per barrel
  • No Capex required – savings start Day One with leased units
  • Modular design is scalable to meet industry requirements
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact footprint

In the Spring of 2013 systems were deployed at sites in Texas, Colorado and Utah (Eagle Ford, Barnett, Piceance, Denver-Julesberg, and Uinta basins) where the AquaMost device outperformed chemical biocide treatment methods, killing more types of bacteria for less money, without requiring the purchase, storage, handling and insurance of chemicals. 

“The SX reactor system allows operators to both lower cost and increase performance while maximizing operator safety through reducing chemical use,” said Todd Asmuth, CEO of AquaMost, Inc. “This is a chemical-free biocide that can handle different water types and flow rates with little or no operator interaction. We are consistently outperforming chemical-based treatment trains and operators have stated our system is easier to use in the field and takes less of their time.” 

AquaMost is shipping systems today and has numerous E&P companies scheduling installations of systems this Fall and in the Spring of 2014 at disposal wells, fixed plant recycling facilities and at the wellhead. The AquaMost solution has the flexibility to handle fresh, brackish and salt water and can handle source, flowback and produced water. 

About AquaMost
AquaMost, Inc. is a manufacturer of water treatment products for the oil and gas industry. The AquaMost solution addresses the economic and environmental needs of bacteria treatment regardless of geography and water quality. More information about AquaMost and the SX reactor can be found at or on our LinkedIn page.