The language of science doesn’t necessarily translate into the language of business. That’s the problem Dr. Grace Hameister has continually run into over the last two years as she’s sought to gain financial support for her first health-tech startup, called Food FiXR. To solve this problem, Hameister launched a sister nonprofit company, called the Food and Social Science Institute, that has created a symbiotic relationship for both organizations.

“The investment community isn’t really interested in learning what I do or in having an impact on people’s lives through food as medicine like I do,” said Hameister. “Right now, especially in the climate of investing, money isn’t going out.”

Hameister was the first Olympic-level rhythmic gymnast in Wisconsin and a world champion water skier. She said her athletic background merged with her “geeky scientist” personality and she eventually began working as a concierge doctor for some of California’s most elite clientele.

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