Wauwatosa-based GenoPalate, Inc., a nutritional genomics company, is now offering its customers a line of personalized supplements to support their unique health needs. The new line, called GenoVit, gives customers a cost-effective solution to increase their vitamin and supplement intake based on their specific DNA-based nutrient needs.

“We are at the forefront of providing genetically personalized supplements,” said Yi Sherry Zhang, founder and chief executive officer of GenoPalate. “When it comes to health, everyone deserves high-quality nutrition solutions, not a one-size-fits-all approach. GenoVit is the next step in personalized nutrition and will change the way people think about vitamins and supplements.”

Zhang founded GenoPalate in 2016. Using proprietary algorithms, GenoPalate interprets each customer’s DNA and develops a personalized nutrition analysis that provides them with a list of over 100 foods that are most beneficial to their health. It also reveals their genetic-based needs for 23 different nutrients, sensitivities to lactose and gluten, how their DNA impacts mood and stress levels, and how fast their body processes alcohol and caffeine.

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