When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, leaders in higher education were faced with a tremendous amount of uncertainty. Since few, if any, leaders in the sector had experience dealing with that level of disruption, Marquette University president Michael Lovell turned to current and former members of the university’s board of trustees from industries that have dealt with disruption.

“They said when you’re going through the disruption, make the hard and difficult decisions that you need to make because of the disruption as early as possible and then start moving forward,” Lovell said. “The sooner you can make those difficult decisions and the sooner you start moving forward, the better you’ll be positioned once the disruption is over.”

Lovell was a guest on Leadership Lens on the BizTimes MKE Podcast, a new monthly podcast featuring Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin business leaders discussing how they lead their organization and offering insights to help others grow their own businesses. Lovell will also return for future episodes to bring his perspective to conversations with area leaders.

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