Nommli is a contestant in the 2024 Governor’s Business Plan Contest. 

It’s often said one of the best ways to learn is through travel. For families, this isn’t always feasible due to time or financial constraints. That’s the inspiration behind Madison-based subscription box service Nommli.

Each Nommli box offers customers exposure to different regions of the world through customized recipes, cultural activities, playlists of music and movies from that region, and more. The startup launched in beta mode last year, and fully launched at the start of this year.

Nommli was founded by Padmini Chintakayala. She and her husband have a deep love and appreciation for food. They would often take trips to large cities like Chicago to expose themselves to different cultures. Then, the pandemic shut the entire restaurant industry down. This, coupled with her son’s natural curiosity surrounding the different foods his friends would eat at school, led Chintakayala to question why food experiences couldn’t be sent directly to consumers.

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