Marquette University assistant computer science professor Dr. Debbie Perouli has been awarded a $2.6 million grant through the National Science Foundation for cybersecurity training that meets government needs for that expertise.

The grant will provide funds for a CyberCorps Scholarships For Service program, CyberWIN, which will grant training for 16 participants in one of the following: an accelerated computer science undergraduate and cybersecurity specialization master’s degree program, a graduate program with cybersecurity specialization, or a computer science doctoral program focusing on cybersecurity research.

“This project is intended to meet the growing cybersecurity needs of federal, state, local and tribal governments, both near term with the training of cybersecurity professionals and long term with the improvement of our training program,” Perouli said. “We will seek to uncover the high-impact practices that increase students’ commitment and realize any effect that personal experiences may have on determining them. Our framework can then be adopted by any institution, as it relies on student self-reflections that capture the whole educational experience through rich, multi-dimensional data.”

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