The MKE Tech Hub Coalition is searching for a new board member that would represent Milwaukee’s diverse community following weeks of protests around the country about racial inequality and incidents of police brutality in America.

In a recent newsletter, coalition chief executive officer Kathy Henrich announced the tech hub’s efforts to crowd source opinions of community members to appoint a community member to the board. The new board member would “engage the tech ecosystem, specifically our black and brown communities,” Henrich said.

“I think for all of us, the last couple of weeks have been really challenging,” Henrich said in a June 10 vlog. “But I cannot start to comprehend just how personal these events have been to individuals in our black and brown communities. What we can do is join in a strong stance of support for the Milwaukee region’s diverse community. These events have really challenged all of us to reflect on our personal and organizational beliefs and action.” Read the full story here.