A new report says that with aggressive action across all of Wisconsin’s sectors, net-zero emissions could be possible by 2050. The Achieving 100% Clean Energy in Wisconsin Report was produced by Clean Wisconsin and RENEW Wisconsin, with assistance from GridLab and Evolved Energy Research. It uses energy and economic modeling to show different pathways the state can use to reach net-zero emissions.

The path to a net-zero economy does come with a sizable price tag. It would also require strong supporting policy. The report shows that transitioning to 100% clean electricity while eliminating carbon emissions from the building, transportation and industrial sectors is the most cost-effective path for Wisconsin. The estimated cost for this clean electricity transition is estimated to cost $3 billion by 2050.

Costs include demand side equipment, supply side equipment and energy system operating costs. Examples of demand side equipment include electric vehicles and heat pumps. Additional spending in this category is due to assumed adoption of electrified and efficient technologies by customers and businesses.

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