Wauwatosa-based real estate company Wangard Partners today named 10 businesses that will be tenants at Converge, a new innovation hub at the Eagleknit building in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood.

Eagleknit, located at 507 S. 2nd Street, is on the site of the former Eagle Knitting Mills manufacturing plant and now serves a growing community of Milwaukee-based innovators, community organizations, tech companies, startups, capital providers and creative agencies.

“Milwaukee, and in particular the Walker’s Point neighborhood, is ripe for growth in the entrepreneurship and technology fields, ” said Burton Metz, Wangard president of investments and acquisitions. “Eagleknit’s modern layout, ecosystem of innovators and hospitality-focused experience for today’s talent put tenants in a position of natural growth. We are excited to be able to bring a world-class design and purpose to Milwaukee’s innovation community.”

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