Wisconsin Electric is planning to build a 1,200-megawatt combustion turbine natural gas power plant on its Oak Creek campus and will also seek approvals for a new liquefied natural gas facility on the campus. The utility’s plans also call for a 130-megawatt reciprocating internal combustion engine project in the town of Paris.

The utility, part of We Energies and a subsidiary of Milwaukee-based WEC Energy Group, submitted applications for the two generation projects to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission on Monday.

WEC Energy Group’s current five-year capital plan includes $1.2 billion for combustion turbine natural gas, $211 million for RICE generating capacity and $860 million for liquefied natural gas storage. Those are the company’s current estimates included in investor presentations and will be refined as they are submitted to regulators for approval, according to Dan Krueger, executive vice president – WEC Infrastructure and generation planning at WEC Energy Group.

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