A simple drawing of what a weather balloon might look like from above led to Delafield-based artificial intelligence startup Synthetaic being featured in The New York Times. The company’s Rapid Automatic Image Categorization platform was able to track the Chinese spy balloon that was detected over the U.S. in January. BizTimes Milwaukee reporter Ashley Smart caught up with Corey Jaskolski, founder and president of Synthetaic, to learn how the company’s platform was able to successfully locate the balloon 13 times and what that feat means for the future of artificial intelligence.

How did you first learn about the Chinese spy balloon?

“I think when I first learned about it was when it was first sighted in Alaska, and no one was really sure what it was, and then it came to the (continental) U.S. and people became pretty certain what it was. I just heard about it in the news cycle and having launched weather balloons of my own, it immediately caught my attention. When I first heard of it, I actually didn’t even think about trying to find it with our RAIC tool. Not until a week or so later when I was home sick on the couch with nothing to do.”

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