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Milwaukee, WI-based Bright Cellars has launched the Bright Cellars Cheese Experience, a subscription cheese service that complements the company’s core wine business.

Just like the Bright Cellar’s wine subscription, the cheese subscription matches members to cheese using a machine-learning algorithm that recommends cheese curated from the finest selections that Wisconsin has to offer. Cheese members take a quiz and are matched to a personalized monthly box. Then the algorithm takes ratings and reviews from matched cheeses to improve future recommendations.

Bright Cellars was founded by MIT-grads Richard Yau and Joseph Laurendi in 2014 and moved to Wisconsin after participating in the gener8tor startup accelerator and receiving funding led by CSA Partners.

Yau: “Cheese was a natural pairing for wine, and being based in Wisconsin is perfect” “Wisconsin has some of the best cheese in the world–I mean we’re called the Cheeseheads for a reason,” said Katie Slavin, manager of cheese operations.

Since moving to Milwaukee, Bright Cellars has grown to over 15,000 members and 23 employees, all based in Wisconsin. “Milwaukee has a been a great place to find and retain talent”, says Yau. Of the company’s 23 employees, 12 attended University of Wisconsin schools. Leading implementation of the Bright Cellars Cheese Experience are recent UWMadison graduates, Jared Buckner and Katie Slavin.

“Originally I had plans to move out to San Francisco,” said Buckner, a Software Engineer at Bright Cellars. “Ultimately Bright Cellars and Milwaukee offered a better opportunity for growth.”

Slavin: “We’re in the perfect place to find the best cheese in the world and deliver it all over the country. We hope to introduce everyone to the world of Wisconsin cheese.”

The Bright Cellars Cheese Experience can be found at