When Jack Koziol launched his one-man cybersecurity training company Infosec in 2004, cybersecurity was the purview of a specialized few who sat in back rooms with other tech experts.

Now, as cyber crimes make headlines, shutting down oil pipelines and holding businesses for ransom, the fact that his company was just purchased by global education technology giant Cengage Group for $190.8 million is one more sign of just how much has changed in the two decades since. The hefty price tag is a testament to the unprecedented online threats companies and governments are facing, and the massive shortage of professionals trained to fight them.

“In the past, cybersecurity was really something that just geeks and nerds did in the back room of the data center. Now, CEOs are talking about it. Boards of directors are talking about it,” said Koziol, who is now a senior vice president at Cengage and the general manager of Infosec.

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