SHINE Medical Technologies announced the company has broken ground on a new Janesville facility that will house its corporate headquarters.

The 54,000-square-foot project will also be home to a large-scale production facility for the Therapeutics division, according to a news release.

The facility will produce lutetium-177, an isotope which has the potential to improve outcomes for patients being treated for certain types of cancer. Beginning in 2022, the facility will be able to produce over 300,000 doses of Lu-177 each year.

“SHINE expects to play a leading role in supplying Lu-177 to serve cancer patients around the world,” said Katrina Pitas, general manager of SHINE’s Therapeutics division. “Our new therapeutics production facility will enable us to implement our proprietary production process and scale faster than any other producer.”

Headquarters for the nuclear technology company will focus on centralizing SHINE’s growing workforce.

“The best work we do at SHINE is the result of working together, collaborating and sharing expertise and experience,” said Greg Piefer, founder and CEO of SHINE. “We are getting back to that model in our new headquarters, which will have ample work and meeting space in addition to fitness and other amenities. We are grateful to the City of Janesville for its partnership in this facility and look forward to continuing to be an active member and a significant employer in the Janesville area.”

SHINE also broke ground on a medical isotope facility in Janesville last year.