By Mary Bunzel

It is almost Thanksgiving and, as always, I ask myself where did the time go? The last six months here at Connected Systems Institute (CSI) has been a whirlwind of activity, each action moving us closer and closer to our official opening.

And what is that? What does “official opening” mean in this new age of COVID? We are fortunate that the challenges of this pandemic have been minimized because of the highly integrated environment that we live in. The vastness of the Internet of Things is connecting humans and devices in ways we never envisioned, and helping us to remain productive from wherever we are working.

For us, the “official” opening means:

  • Launch of our new website, connecting all our projects into one place.
  • The launch of our classes and workshops.
  • The start of our digital roundtables.

People want to engage face-to-face with CSI faculty and partners. Events and workshops provide a great way to learn from each other, and to share knowledge with our younger students.

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