Echometrix, Co-D Therapeutics, Thiogen Pharma, Isomark and a new company related to prostate cancer detection were among 45 emerging firms selected to present March 9-10 at the MATTER Midwest University HealthTech Showcase in Chicago.

Echometrix is developing proprietary ultrasound technologies as a rapid, low-cost, point-of-care alternative to MRI for musculoskeletal injury diagnosis and management. It is led by Jeffrey Dalsin, chief executive officer.

Co-D Therapeutics is developing combination nanomedicines with high safety profiles to treat cancer. It is led by Abdalla Saad, chief executive officer. 

Isomark is testing an early infection monitor using patented, breath monitoring technology to detect infections up to two days before standard methods. It is led by Joe Kremer, chief executive officer.

Thiogen Pharma is developing two protective therapeutics to prevent cancer risks of CT scans and costly side-effects of chemo and radiotherapy. It was represented by UW-Madison Professor William Fahl.

A company yet to be named but represented through the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation is developing a prostate cancer test. Presenters were Drs. David Jarrard and Bing Yang.