Steadfast Capital Solutions, led by financial advisor and founder Derek Notman, has become Intrepid Wealth Partners. Notman and Intrepid are members of the Wisconsin Innovation Network.

As symbolized through its tree logo, Intrepid Wealth Partners signifies strength and strong footing while pursuing growth. The word “intrepid” seeks to identify the company and the company’s specific market as fearless and adventurous. Within the word intrepid, attention is brought to the shortened word “’trep,” which speaks to the entrepreneurs and startups in which the company specializes.

“My goal is to work with and help entrepreneurs and startups from the beginning and grow with them versus waiting for them to hit it big and then trying to gain their business amidst the masses of other advisers doing the same thing. We want to work together on a common goal while taking the journey together and leading them through the tough and uncertain times,” Notman said.

Notman brings 10 years of industry experience in Wisconsin and beyond. An entrepreneur himself, Notman has experienced his own successes and failures that allow him to better work, communicate and collaborate with his clients. 

Intrepid Wealth Partners is located at 999 Fourier Drive, Suite 300, Madison, Wis.  To learn more, go to or call Derek Notman at 608-827-2104.