RiseGrind2.jpgRise & Grind’s present condition mirrors the overall state of the Green Bay area’s efforts to promote innovation and entrepreneurship: Under construction.

The third floor of the Brown County Library’s main branch, on Pine Street, has the framework for cubicle walls up but no walls. Some of the offices they hope to rent to self-employed and remote-working employees have drywall but no doors. The cafe, which Rise & Grind manager Kevin McGillivray said will be open to the public, has yet to take shape.

Yet on Feb. 15, the group welcomed the self-employed, remote staffers, work-from-home employees and community leaders in to take a look around, sip a Badger State beer, talk technology and get first pick of available space.

The right kind of person can already see the “Reserved Desk” they want well before they start paying $150-per-month for it. The self-run business owner might already see the “Private Office” she wants to claim for $450-per-month.

“We already have a couple of offices spoken for, but Thursday was really step one toward finally starting, toward gauging the formal interest in using the space,” Rise & Grind partner Garritt Bader said. “Right now, we’re pretty wide open: Different tenants will have different needs and we think we can meet them all.”

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