By Steve Holzhauer

Serving on the board of directors of the Wisconsin Technology Council, it has been instructive and stimulating to participate in meetings, events and policy discussions that often go beyond the narrow definition of technology.

Multi-disciplinary experts from all around the state approach challenges that affect, not only the tech sector, but the broader economy, state and society. That diversity of expertise is an important facet of any advisory council.

Maybe that’s why business leaders are inviting architects to their corporate strategy team. An architect’s voice brings vision and perspective that complements their other key advisors.  The architect advisor brings:

Knowledge of the evolution of material innovations, tools and engineering advances. Architects know history and its influence on people, buildings and cities. Our understanding of historical innovation informs a foundation to our critical thinking.

Observation of people and the way people use and customize space to serve their functional needs. Architects look for ways to build on that which works well and improve upon it. Listening to different viewpoints, mediating diverse needs, the architect is an impartial voice defining the challenges and summarizing the issues.

Visionary thinkers see multiple solutions. Architects are trained to test different ideas and generate numerous concepts in the process. My favorite term, “delight”, is that part of a design that goes beyond functional efficiency. A sense of delight in any solution adds value.

Leadership demonstrated in collaborative, multi-disciplinary assignments. The architect will assemble and evaluate data and seek out and listen to stakeholder needs and opinions.  In the process of managing complex projects, we draw out ideas and inform opinions based on knowledge, observation and vision.

Architects serve the boardroom, the committees and commissions in top companies and government agencies. We are licensed to serve public life-safety. We are a resource available to you.

Architects do more than just design buildings.

Holzhauer is a principal at EUA, a 113-year-old architectural, interior design and master planning firm with offices in Milwaukee, Madison and Denver. It specializes in workplace, healthcare, learning, living, science and technology, and entertainment environments.