Who is Jason’s Deli and what do you do for them?

Amy Schuster: Jason’s deli is a family-owned deli restaurant chain, founded in Beaumont, Texas, in 1976 by Joe Tortorice Jr. As we approach our 46th anniversary, we now operate 240+ locations in 28 states. In 2005, Jason’s Deli was the first major restaurant concept to ban artificial trans fats in the U.S. and later became the first to eliminate high-fructose corn syrup. We offer a variety of choices like gluten-sensitive menu items or vegetarian options, healthy kids’ meals, or our famous salad bar. And, of course, some of the best sandwiches you’ll ever have!

I serve in the role of IT Director, so pretty much anything that plugs into a wall, or uses the internet falls under my umbrella. For this purpose, I’m here to support our senior leadership, and throughout our organization with supporting a platform to field our innovation ideas, and be able to run those properly through our vetting, tactic and project processes.

Michael Johnson: I’m a Business Coach for Jason’s Deli and my role is to coach our Managing Partners to run their businesses through our core values. It’s very similar to a regional manager or director of operations for a certain area, as I have 34 locations that I visit and are my responsibility.

My role is to support our senior leadership team to help bridge that gap between the use of Ideawake and collecting ideas coming in, and then processing those through our idea process and how we go through that to our senior leadership and make decisions and decision tree process.

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