So goes the wisdom of American writer and anthropologist Loren Eiseley. All her life, Marianna “Yana” DeMyer says she has felt a pull toward the magical powers of water. But when it comes to her water purification and sanitation business, Roving Blue, there’s no magic required. Just science.

DeMyer has been inventing all her life, she says, but never did anything with her inventions until Roving Blue. Created out of her home in rural Oconto County, the company offers a range of personal, portable products that use ozone to kill bacteria and viruses in water. These include the Ozo-Pen, which is as small as it sounds, and the new GO-3 water bottle cap — a purifier for a Nalgene water bottle that sold out of its first major run for Christmas 2022.

The portable devices allow people to make their own safe drinking water from any freshwater source — wherever they may rove, eliminating the need to worry about carrying heavy water bottles when traveling. An avid water drinker, traveler and outdoor enthusiast, DeMyer is her own customer. (“I carried a water bottle before it was cool,” she says.)

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