Madison-area life sciences companies reported they had raised a total of
more than $6 million of funding from investors, according to filings
with federal securities regulators.

HealthFinch Inc.,
which helps doctors automate and delegate routine tasks like shifting
prescription refills to other members of their staff, raised $2.3
million of a proposed $3 million equity offering from 10 investors, it
said in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Lucigen Corp., a biotech company that is developing molecular diagnostic tests for Ebola and other infectious diseases, said in an SEC filing
it has made further progress on a proposed $2.5 million equity funding.
The company has now raised $2.2 million from 29 investors, up from the
nearly $2 million the company had said in January that it had raised.

Lucigen sells a catalog of several
hundred products for research use, and recently added the effort to
develop molecular diagnostic tests under Ralph Kauten, who took the helm
late last year. Kauten has said the company hopes to receive emergency
use authorization from the Food & Drug Administration to market a
faster, easier-to-use Ebola test by mid-2015.

Swallow Solutions LLC, a Madison company that develops products for people with swallowing difficulties, said in an SEC filing
it has made further progress on a proposed $3.2 million funding round,
which includes equity and options. Swallow raised $2 million of the
funding from 22 investors, it said.

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