A gunshot-detecting security system developed by a Baraboo resident has been named a finalist for the 2018 Wisconsin Innovation Awards.

Stacy Jax’s Trinity Gunshot Alarm System was selected by a panel of industry experts from a pool of more than 300 innovative products and services across the state that also were nominated for the award. The winners will be announced in October during an awards ceremony at the Wisconsin Union Theater in Madison.

“It’s being welcomed as a reliable, immediate notification of an active shooter,” Jax said. “Our system tells you exactly what’s going on, which allows for a more proactive response.”

The technology works like a fire alarm. Sensors are placed throughout a building, and once they detect and confirm the sound of a gunshot, the system sets off a buildingwide alarm and simultaneously notifies emergency responders. The sensors can distinguish gunshots from other loud noises, and also pinpoint the location of the shot, which could aid law enforcement entering a building to address an unknown threat. Read the full story here.