Dane County company that specializes in 3D printing and has experienced substantial growth over the past 20 years has positioned itself to grow even further.

Midwest Prototyping of Blue Mounds has been acquired by Prototek Holdings in New Hampshire, a move that leaders of both companies say will allow each entity to expand and reach more customers.

Prototek specializes in making parts for other companies by machining metal or bending sheet metal for its customers in aerospace, defense, medical, robotics, electronics and consumer industries. Midwest Prototyping primarily makes parts out of about 40 different materials using six different types of 3D printers. Its customers include product development firms and the automotive, motorsports and aviation industries, among others.

The combined company of 247 employees will be able to offer a full line of computer-controlled machining, sheet metal and 3D services with a fleet of more than 140 machines in more geographical locations that include the Northeast, Silicon Valley and Midwest, according to Prototek officials.

“We’ve seen a lot of interest (in us) over the last several years. The market is pretty hot and the technologies keep growing,” said Steve Grundahl, president and founder of Midwest Prototyping.

“As we continue to grow and continue to scale (Prototek) kept standing out. They saw a need to round out their offerings so they get what they needed to grow and we get to grow the side of our business in (non-3D printed parts) an area where we weren’t focusing our energy.”

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