The Farwell Foundation today announced on Tuesday a $500,000 gift to the Urban League of Greater Madison in support of the Black Business Hub project.

The Farwell Foundation is a charitable organization that is run by Samantha M. Weston, and funded by the unwavering generosity of Cheryl Rosen Weston. The gift represents one of the Foundation’s largest grants ever made.

“We believe firmly in our duty to make this world, and more specifically, Madison, a better place. We do this by committing to support, love, honor, and respect all members of our community,” said Farwell Foundation Director Samantha Weston in a statement. “In particular, we place emphasis on offering our assistance to those members and segments of our community that have not been given equal access to the resources that they deserve. We are delighted to partner with the Urban League of Greater Madison in the development of the Black Business Hub, and we believe in its enormous potential to effect positive change for Madison’s Black community.”

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